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IZIMO SERVICES GROUP (PTY) LTD have been an active player in the market for the past 32 years. Izimo has built a good reputation with its Customers and have long-standing relationships with them.

Being in the cleaning industry, it is imperative that we be at the forefront of the latest machinery and technology. Our systems are therefore professional and will become importantly apparent to your specific needs.

IZIMO SERVICES GROUP (PTY) LTD approaches cleaning from a health and hygiene point of view. Our regular management inspections focus on improving existing standards ensuring possible threats are identified.

IZIMO SERVICES GROUP (PTY) LTD endeavours to ensure maximum standards are maintained to deliver customer satisfaction through service excellence.

IZIMO SERVICES GROUP (PTY) LTD as a pro-active company has a policy of employing citizens from within the environment or location where they are to be placed. This ensures a reduced transportation cost and a reduced level of absenteeism, and in general contributes to a happier working environment.

IZIMO SERVICES GROUP (PTY) LTD adheres to wages determined by statutory wage legislation and negotiated wage settlements.

IZIMO SERVICES GROUP (PTY) LTD clearly understands that our clients are the most important contributing factor to our organisation, and therefore management time and effort is focused to the benefit of our clients. Our commitment is to service excellence.

IZIMO SERVICES GROUP (PTY) LTD realizes the importance of skilled and well presented cleaning staff, these are continuously updated with regard to new methods, technology, formulations and machinery. Our staff are fitted out in neat, tidy and attractive uniforms that are designed for comfort yet still portraying a professional image.

IZIMO SERVICES GROUP (PTY) LTD implements a service evaluation document, which is audited and evaluated on a monthly basis to ensure controls are in place and standards are maintained. Once we have critically evaluated ourselves, this information is shared with our clients at a monthly meeting. This ensures clear communication and no misunderstandings.

IZIMO SERVICES GROUP (PTY) LTD has quarterly profit share in place to the lowest level of employee. This enables team members to increase their earnings while instilling a sense of ownership and pride. There is also a pension fund, in the form of a retirement annuity that is funded by equal contributions up to one third of each employee’s total monthly salary. The possibility of a medical aid scheme is also being investigated.

IZIMO SERVICES GROUP (PTY) LTD, should we be awarded a contract, will for the first three months, from date of commencement, work on probation with 24 HOURS notice, after this period reverting to a monthly basis. Proving during this time our efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism and what truly separates us from other company’s, from a service point of view.

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