Areas Of Responsibility


Izimo Management Services will appoint a dedicated Cleaning Management and cleaning team to manage the operation at your site. The Area Manager will manage the operation, implement our systems and provide on going training of the cleaning team.

The cleaning team will be neatly attired in suitable uniforms at all times and safety equipment as specified by your industry.

Cleaning Equipment
The use of cleaning equipment is an integral part of the cleaning process. It is legally, morally and financially essential that equipment used is “safe” and does not endanger the operator/s or members of the public in the surrounding areas where the equipment is being used.

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993, it is the responsibility of every Employer to ensure that products used are safe and without risk to health, and more over providing adequate training and supervision for establishing safe working practices.

Cleaning Materials
Cleaning materials and chemicals have been included in our monthly billing. All Izimo’s cleaning chemicals as SABS source verified and complies with all standards to ensure a safe environment (please see attached documents). All our products are environmentally friendly and are designed for specialized purposes.

Consumables i.e. toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels etc. can be provided by Izimo and will be charged for on consumption.

Special Services
All additional services on site will be quoted for as and when required. Our special services manager will be available for consultation regarding any additional services which may include; floor treatment, carpet cleaning, window cleaning etc. (Please refer to enclosed list of specialised services)

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